Intelligent Digitization

Intelligent digitization

Datatrack is an innovative software provider of powerful, modular, enterprise-grade enterprise information management solutions for omni-channel communications.

The focus is on the intelligent digitization and automation of business processes around the data flow across different channels and formats, the inbox (letter, fax, e-mail), the dialogue with the customer (social media, web and chat via mobile devices ) to archiving.

In addition, Datatrack offers innovative app solutions for a variety of industries and applications that intelligently communicate with existing IT landscapes, helping to move business processes into the hands of mobile users.

From consulting to development and system integration all the way to
We support our customers with subsequent support with passion and innovation in their project projects.

Datatrack offers modular IT solutions.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • the intelligent communication platform NOVO CxP for the processing of documents and information as well as the automated content analysis based on artificial intelligence for content services and workflow functionality
  • smart process apps based on NOVO Mobile. The software solution NOVO Mobile offers a comprehensive app design and development studio. The apps, created in a significantly reduced development process, use the secure, mobile dialogue platform to link and automate business processes with powerful backend systems via an app.
  • the software solution Captiva Capture for the digitization of paper documents and the content recognition of technical data
  • the archiving solution ApplicationXtender (AX). This web-based, real-time document management system can view, edit, manage and store any type of content.

With Datatrack solutions, you can intelligently automate processes, saving significant time and money. Throughput times can be drastically reduced, customer service and customer loyalty can be profitably improved. This allows you to stand out clearly from the competition and profit on the whole line.

Benefit from holistic IT solutions that make daily work easier and more efficient. Software solutions that can be deployed quickly and do not require lengthy IT projects. Another advantage of Datatrack products: the user can do a lot by himself – according to his taste. And with the increasing
use of artificial intelligence and self-learning methods, the solutions become smarter and promise even more profit.

We keep thinking – from the beginning

Efficient omnichannel management can be very complex. Our holistic understanding of efficient communication for B2C, B2B and B2E is reflected in a cross-channel architecture of our software solutions. You benefit from significantly reduced implementation times thanks to our powerful framework. Integrating our IT solutions into your inventory environment is easy. Future-proof, you can flexibly integrate diverse functionalities in no time at all.

You can also easily design and create your own workflow processes; You therefore need fewer IT specialists and are independent of your software manufacturer.

Premium quality

The past few years show that in the fast-paced world only the adaptive survive. Datatrack attaches great importance to easy integration of its solutions. Thanks to open standards, it is possible, for example, to start with the implementation of a single process and to drive forward the demand-oriented expansion to the complete solution at will. Datatrack’s services are modular and easy to customize to meet their needs. Datatrack solutions can be implemented in the context of small projects, but also for large volumes. They determine the complexity.

We provide the right solution as well as the necessary balance of scalability, service and technical know-how and always keep an eye on your requirements. Future-proof and flexible, our cost-effective solutions with premium quality will meet your demands of tomorrow.

We set standards

Both our customers and industry experts agree that Datatrack stands for sophisticated software solutions with great intelligence, future-proof technology and a high level of service. So many companies have been relying on our quality solutions for many years – u. a. many renowned statutory health insurance companies, insurance companies, banks, the
industry sector, online commerce and public clients.